Club Quotes

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Infamous Quote
Who said it?
I don't like that!
Al Leckey's first taste of Managerial Strife!
Ah they're having a great laugh, sure it's like feckin' Disneyland back there!
Darren Frehill, TV3 Sports, Newtownparklands, Blackrock
So, how was the kid Rafty? - "7...9..." - "Jaysus, that's tall for a baby!"
Bully's reaction to the news on Charlie Rafter!


Ref: Where's your Captain lads? Clane: "You sent him off!"
Clane FC
The Clane Lads cross Referee Noel Blake!
Are the Bishops related?
The Penny drops for Collie!
Get that Monstrosity off stage!
Dec Brady
At a Live Show in Amsterdam! Didn't approve of the Actors!
That was a Poxy Challenge!
Dec Fitz
An irate DF's reaction to a bad challenge!
This is much more difficult when you're paired with inferior players!
Dec Fitz
An observation at training!
No Star Bars or Pop allowed in the dressing room, and no smoking on Campus!
Dec Fitz
Who Else?!!
Show us your Growler!
Gary Smith
His Comical Chat Up Line which was followed by a Vodka and Mixer thrown over him!!!
My Casino Days are over for good!
Gary Smith
After loosing his arse in the Casino!!
None of yiz will ever play at Wembley!
Stating the facts as usual!
Just call me "Captain Ahab!"
After baggin' a large lady in Prague! (Captain Ahab conquered Moby Dick!)
Cunny Kenningham…
Slip of the tongue when arguing, locked, about the Irish team without Roy Keane!
Just the Juice Love!
Sham-like request at the breakfast table in Kilkenny B&B
I'll do time!
Sham-like threat to Gary Smith & Co. after extensive slagging!
I'm a 30 Goal a Season Man!
Ken Carney
Stating his worth to his new club!
You're too big for this game!
Ref gets stuck into Gary "Sumo" Copeland! The search continues for the Moyne Rangers #8!
Bomber: Ref! Lace! Ref: Yeah, tie it yourself!
Ref's sarcastic response to Bomber's request to hold the game - Walkinstown Away!
Verona: Is there long left ref? Ref: Yeah, sure there's a whole other half left!
Referee Noel Blake
First Half Injury time statement of Ref Noel Blake to Verona Player
F*** this Gary, lets go to Langtons!
Statement after arguing his intoxication with the LANGTONS Bouncers!!!
When will this madness ever end?
Richie Redman
Statement after Dec Brady's observation at a performance in Amsterdam!
I'm a confidence player lads...
Scorelan explains his strike rate or 0 from 5!!
Will Kearney reminds me of Steven Gerrard!
Ah No!, She wasn't that fat at all!
The Prince
Counsel for the Defense??!!
I don't think Colm likes playing for the 2nd team!
The Prince
Dennis O'Frighil - 1st Team Centre Forward!
I'll never be on the bench again!
The Prince
After being dropped!!
I'd sooner manage Bohs then f***in' Brighton!
The Gaffer
A staunch Hoops fan responds to taunts on future 'Roddy Collins-like' career moves!
"Nah, I don't like them!"
Gussie's opinion on Lap Dancing Clubs!!!!
"I can't believe we drew that game!"
Dec Dolan
Dec Dolan reflects on a 2:1 victory for the club
"I don't recommend you carry your missus over the threshold, you might drop her"
Raftie gives some goalkeeping advice to Alec on his wedding day!
"Tell them why you like Arsenal Melanie!" Mel: "Because I have the same shaped head as Thierry Henry!"
Mel McCabe
Bully's Wife Melanie, explains her deep and meaningful reason why she is a Gooner!!
"That gay rolling shite is me hole".
Alec Leckey
Expressing his opinion on any underhit passes before kick off!