Homework checklist is a list that is used by a teacher, student, or even a parent to record the progress of homework or assignments. The purpose of this is, in the case of a teacher, to make sure that the students are all submitting their homework and to monitor their academic progress in an organized manner.

Why You Should Use A Homework Checklist

There are many advantages that come as a result of using a homework checklist, but these advantages are different depending on who is using the homework checklist, and the purpose behind its use.


A teacher as a professional who’s job practically requires the use of a homework checklist will benefit from its use. A homework checklist will guide the teacher on how to assess their students based on how regularly they submit their assignments and how well they do on their assignments. This provides the teacher with the ability to make a thorough assessment of the individual progress of each student. From that perspective, a homework checklist can also be used as a progress report sheet, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each student, providing the necessary information for the teacher to use in their approach to each individual student. This not only makes grading easier, but it also makes the job of teaching easier, an advantage that is beneficial to both teacher and student.


For a student, a homework checklist is a personal tool. Unlike the teacher who is a professional and who uses the homework checklist for professional reasons, a student uses it to monitor and organize their own personal academic progress. For instance, a student who wants to ensure that they turn in an assignment can use a homework checklist to make sure they turn it in. The checklist can be used to ensure that their academic performance is improving as a homework checklist also allows the student to record the grades they were awarded on each assignment. However, a homework checklist will most likely prove useful for students above the age of 11.


Parents who use homework checklists will do so with the intention of monitoring the academic progress of their child and ensuring the consistent turning in their child’s homework. This will prove especially useful to a busy parent as it provides the advantage of the organization. It is also a very cheap investment, so much that one can make it by themselves with the use of a pen and a piece of paper.

How To Make A Homework Checklist

A homework checklist is quite easy to make. While there is no universally accepted formula for making a homework checklist, most homework checklists end up looking almost identical. The checklist typically features a section for each subject, and each section should have all the days of the week so as to allow the user to organize the list for daily use. Each section should also provide a means through which the user can know if the homework was turned in or not, checkboxes are typically used. Additionally, the provision of a space to record the grades given on each assignment can be useful depending on the purpose for which the list is being used. If this proves too difficult a task or you don’t have the time to write up a homework checklist, writing help is available on the internet. There are sites that provide editable templates for homework checklists; there are free and payable options.