Can Homework Affect Children’s Health? Can Parents Help?

Today, kids are under so much pressure, which can lead these kids into depression and anxiety. For kids to be able to do well in school, they must be able to complete difficult tasks, meet up with social activities, and lots more. Homework is some of these tasks that must be completed for them to achieve success in their academics. Therefore, we will be looking at how too much homework can affect your kids.

Why Students need homework?

The benefits of homework are non-negotiable, as it is a considerable aspect of education. Here are some reasons why students need homework.

  • Homework helps to reinforce the lesson that was taught.
  • It helps students develop some essential skills like problem-solving and time management.
  • With homework, parents can track the progress of their kids.

The essence of homework is helping students create balance and improve their learning. Although too much homework can make students less productive and make education less efficient.

Effects of Too Much Homework

Every teacher is accountable for the volume of homework they assign to students. It is necessary as young students should not be working late at night. Teachers have to know the effectiveness of the homework. Here are some effects of too much homework:

  • Reduction in learning activities: When students try finishing excess homework, it can breed the wrong attitude towards education and reduce their entire grade. When students spend their whole time getting an assignment done, they wouldn’t have sufficient time to learn the additional essential information.
  • Decreased social communication: When students have excess homework, they end up not having sufficient time to interact with other students and friends. It can lead to difficulty in communicating properly with people.
  • Increase in stress level and reduction in life balance: When students engage in challenging tasks, it can increase stress level and other psychological challenges.
  • Decrease in productivity: When students are overloaded with homework, they don’t have the opportunity to improve on other essential skills.

Teachers will have to pick a strategic plan to make homework engaging and fun for their students.

How may parents help children who have too much homework?

Parents are responsible for their kids’ overall health and wellness. Therefore, you should be able to help them when they are overwhelmed with lots of homework. How can parents help their children?

  • Figure out the problem: You will have to figure out the challenge of how much homework is too much for your child by following the general 10-minutes rule recommended by the national PTA.
  • Check if your ward focuses on their homework: You must check that your children’s focus is not divided when doing their homework. Some children get busy with other activities instead of focusing on their homework. You can also help by cutting down some distractions so that they can get their homework done on time.
  • Check the homework corner of your child and make a homework routine: You can help your child by creating a convenient studying space that is spacious and comfortable. You can also help them create a homework routine or pay someone to do homework for their children.

As a parent, you should be able to monitor your child’s progress in school and understand when they are overwhelmed with too much homework. If the need arises, you can also visit their teachers.


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