Why Assignments Are Necessary?

Arguments about doing away with homework arise in many households and educational facilities. Others claim that homework eats up student’s study time. All these complaints are from the students. On a rare basis, do you hear parents protest? The students want an easy life, where everything is simple; no working, only enjoying life.
Issuing of assignments has been a norm since many ages ago. Various institutions have reasons why they issue assignments. Assignments act as a link between guardians/parents, the students, and their teachers.

Why Teachers Give Assignments

  • Perfect Environment
    When students take their homework at home, they are subject to a peaceful environment. Here, there are fewer or less distractions compared to the classroom set-up. The class environment tends to be competitive. It gives students a lot of unnecessary pressure when doing their work. Students get motivated when they are in control. It means that they set their schedule and execute the assignments at their pace.
  • Correlation between the Tutor and the Student
    When the tutors/teachers issue out assignments, they test the student’s understanding. So, when a student finds difficulty, they are to seek consultation with their teachers. By doing this, they create a bond with their teachers.
  • Improvement of Delivery Skills
    Students work hard to complete their assignments. They aim at presenting a good job to their professors or the teachers who issued the assignment. So, they get the presentation skills necessary for future endeavors.
  • Responsibility
    Regularly, students tend to procrastinate their work. When the tutors give assignments, the students are always busy working on them. The aim is always to deliver the assignments on time. Punctuality goes hand in hand with responsibility in this case.
  • Eradication of Weaknesses
    The students do their assignments without help. Unlike in the classroom where their counterparts can do work on their behalf. It makes them have a belief in their work. When there is a correction in their work, they are capable of learning from their own mistakes. It is easier to know where they did.
  • Wipes out Idleness
    Without assignments, students are always idle at home. They engage in immoral behaviors such as abuse of drugs or even having evil thoughts. Assignments ensure that the students are always busy working on the homework.
  • Inclusivity
    Parents get involved at home when their children bring homework with them. They can look at their children’s work to gauge their child’s growth in knowledge and class progress. The guardian or parents can further do a follow up with their child’s teacher for clarity.
  • Improvement of Basic Skills in Life
    Teachers also issue out group work in the form of assignments. They need the students within their groups to work together and come up with a single result. The students must have unity to achieve the goal of completing the assignment. They can work as a team, not only in the classroom but also in the future when they seek employment.
  • Examination Preparation
    When students do their assignments, they also engage themselves in reading. In the process, they get to capture more on the subjects. It helps in their upcoming examinations as they memorize the assignments. It is possible as the teachers set the examinations from what they teach. Teachers set the exams from the assignments they issue to the students.

It is important to note that assignments boost the students’ understanding in class. Students should not shy away from the assignments. Do not consider assignments as a form of punishment. Assignments benefit all the parties involved. That is the parents/guardians, the students, and their tutors.


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